1.75 mm nGen Flex flexible filament, Clear


nGen Flex is a flexible material, based on Amphora Flex FL6000 polymer, uniquely engineered for FDM technology. It can be used with standard 3D printers, without flex extruders. It prints at a faster speed than other elastomeric materials. → Clear

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15 meters €6,50 €3,25
Spool 650 g €39,95 €19,98

Copolyester flexible filament in trasparente color.

Thanks to exceptional layer-to-layer adhesion and melt strength, ColorFabb ngGen Flex prints at a faster speed than other elastomeric materials, saving you time. Also bowden style 3D printers, 1.75mm and 2.85mm, will be able to push this filament through without much trouble. 


  • Low odor and styrene-free
  • Shore A95
  • Extended processing window
  • Exceptional layer-to-layer adhesion
  • Dimensional and chemical stability
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Elevated temperature resistance up to 130 °C
  • Excellent toughness
  • Elongation at break 400%
  • Steam Sterilizable up to 121 °C (for medical / laboratory environments)
  • Heated bed required

Tech specifications

Nominal diameter 1.75 mm
Warp low
Flexibility high
Break resistance high
Printing temperature 240-260 °C
Temperature resistance ~ 130 °C


nGen Flex gives best results on a heated build platform, 80 °C to about 100 °C. A BuildTak plate is recommanded for better adhesion. When removing a part from the buildTak plate we advice to cool down completely and reheat to 80 °C. To increase plate adhesion use the brim feature, removal after printing is very easy, the brim peals right off after making an initial cut.

The suggested 3D print speed is around 30-50 mm/s. To reach higher speed / output of material, you might need to increase temperature. The material handles higher temperatures very well. 

Printed in single perimeters and without infill or very little, objects will feel quite flexible. Printed with multiple perimeters and more infill, objects will be very firm and tough. It’s also important to adjust the minimum layer time when you want to print without cooling for best layer adhesion.

Prosthetics, orthotics, medical products, automotive parts, flexible joints and protective covers, apparel, tooling, and a variety of functional parts.

Due to all the different types of hot-end it's extremely difficult to give a temperature advice. Please consider our tips as a starting point to find the temperatures that work well in your setup. You may have to adjust the temperature settings slightly based on your type of printer. 

How to print with nGen Flex

3D printer Ultimaker 2 & 2+ MP Pharaoh Ed Lulzbot mini
Slicer Cura Simplify3D Cura
Print temperature 240-260 °C 220-240 °C 220-240 °C
Platform temperature BuildTak
80-100 °C
80-100 °C
80-100 °C
Print speed 30-50 mm/s 30-50 mm/s 30-50 mm/s
Cooling 0-50% 0-50% 0-50%
Retraction – speed 40 mm/s 45 mm/s 10-25 mm/s
Retraction – length 4.5 mm 3.2 mm 1-2 mm
Bridge – speed n.a. 50-80% n.a.
Bridge – cooling n.a. 100% n.a.
Bridge – flow n.a. 110% n.a.