2.85 mm PLA Crystal Clear filament, Iceland Blue


This PLA is made from a material with better heat resistance than standard PLAs. It allows a high quality of printing even in tricky details and an excellent finishing of the printed object. → Iceland Blue

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5 meters €4,50 €2,25
Spool 750 g €25,20 €12,60


PLA filament in transparent light-blue color.


  • Easy to print
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Transparent and clear
  • High precision in details
  • No heated bed required
  • Usable on most PLA-compatible printers
  • Food-safe

Tech specifications

Nominal diameter 2.85 mm
Warp low
Flexibility low
Break resistance low
Printing temperature 210-230 °C
Glass transition temperature 50-60 °C


Heated bed not required, if available set it at about 40-50 °C.

Thanks to its optical properties, objects printed with PLA Crystal Clear have high clarity and gloss. The product excels in transparency when layers are thin.

Due to all the different types of hot-end it's extremely difficult to give a temperature advice. Please consider our tips as a starting point to find the temperatures that work well in your setup. You may have to adjust the temperature settings slightly based on your type of printer.