1.75 mm Nozzle Fun Pack - V6


A fun selection of 1.75mm E3D V6 Ecosystem Brass nozzles, set in a metal tin lined with soft foam for safe and easy storage. Print all the things in all the resolutions!

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1.75 mm Nozzle Fun Pack €36,00

Suitable for all 1.75 mm E3D hotends except for Cyclops and Volcano. For those who want to explore the limits of high-resolution printing with small nozzles, as well as high-speed high layer height printing with large nozzles.


  • M6 thread
  • Compatible with the full E3D V6 ecosystem (V6 hotend, Lite6, Chimera, Kraken, Titan Aero)
  • Compatible with Prusa 3D printers

The kit contains:

1 Brass nozzle Ø 0.25 mm
1 Brass nozzle Ø 0.30 mm
1 Brass nozzle Ø 0.35 mm
1 Brass nozzle Ø 0.50 mm
1 Brass nozzle Ø 0.60 mm
1 Brass nozzle Ø 0.80 mm
1 Spanner -


Brass nozzles - from 0.25 mm to 0.8 mm
Brass nozzle is a general purpose nozzle, great for printing materials that don't have anything abrasive in them. Brass has a great balance of properties: thermally conductive, machines precisely and – easily even with very small nozzles – doesn't corrode or pit so retains a smooth surface finish for cleanly laying down extruded filament. Vulnerable to abrasive erosion by more exotic filaments like carbon-fiber filled materials, metal powder filled materials and glow in the dark. Can be damaged by nasty head crashes with things like bulldog clips and glass. Using a wire brush on a brass nozzle will cause wear over time.

A handy spanner for swapping out your nozzles.
It works with all E3D nozzles.

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