1.75 mm Bioflex medical PLA flexible filament, White


Flexible and rubber-like PLA, very durable, suitable for applications where high resistance to wear and tear is required without loss of elasticity. Bioflex is indicated for medical design: raw material has passed major biocompatibility tests.

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PLA based, flexible filament in white.


  • Easy to print
  • Shore D27
  • Rubber-like finish
  • Strong resistance to wear
  • High resistance to tear
  • Non-toxic
  • Skin safe
  • No heated bed required
  • USP Class VI

Tech specifications

Nominal diameter 1.75 mm
Warp low
Flexibility medium
Break resistance high
Printing temperature 210-230 °C
Temperature resistance n.a.


It prints like PLA on non-heated beds. If heated bed available, set it at about 0-50 °C.
Suggested print speed: 15-40 mm/s.

Our engineered Bioflex PLA is also distinguished because the raw material is certified for safe contact with mucous membranes and has passed important biocompatibility tests.

Biocompatibility test

Test Method Result
Haemolysis Test ASTM F756 2008 Passed
Intracutaneous Test

USP Ed XXXII 2009/88: Biological Test Plastics
Intracutaneous test
- ISO 10993-10:2010

Systemic Injection Test

USP Ed XXXII 2009/88
- ASTM F 750-82
- ISO 10993-11:2006

Vitro Cytotoxicity Test ISO 10993-5:2009 Passed

Medical design, prosthetics, orthotics, belt, automotive seals, handles, scratchproof and dustproof coverings.

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