1.75 mm Grafylon 3D® graphene PLA filament, Black


This graphene PLA is born from the idea of FiloAlfa and Directa Plus (world leader in graphene processing). It is a new material that exploits the technical and functional properties of graphene. You can print small pieces with incredible details.

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Sample (4 meters) €1,80 €0,90
10 meters €4,00 €2,00
15 meters €5,50 €2,75
Spool 700 g €39,00 €19,50

PLA-based graphene filament in black.

No special hardware or nozzles are required for this graphene filament. Grafylon 3D is compatible with every printer.


  • Easy to print at lower temperatures
  • Contains Graphene G+ from Directa Plus
  • Non-toxic
  • Superior surface finish
  • Elastic modulus 34% more than PLA
  • Tensile strength 23% more than PLA
  • Elongation than 28% more than PLA
  • High speed processing
  • No heated bed required
  • Usable on most PLA-compatible printers
  • Non conductive

Tech specifications

Nominal diameter 1.75 mm
Warp low
Flexibility low
Break resistance medium
Printing temperature 170-210 °C
Temperature resistance n.a.


It prints like PLA on non-heated beds. If heated bed available, set it at about 0-50 °C.
Suggested print speed: 40-120 mm/s.

Graphene increases the thermal conductivity of the material, which cools so much faster during printing of the layers, with positive effects on the surface finish of the product and on small details even in tiny pieces while improving tensile strength.

Small prints, architecture, fashion and design products/accessories.

Due to all the different types of hot-end it's extremely difficult to give a temperature advice. Please consider our tips as a starting point to find the temperatures that work well in your setup. You may have to adjust the temperature settings slightly based on your type of printer.