1.75 mm Kanèsis Hemp filament, Natural


Hemp is a mix of PLA with 17.5% of hemp wastes from industrial processing. Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers. Kanèsis is a new biocomposite, biodegradable and compostable, with excellent mechanical properties and a nice rough finish.

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HBP filament, PLA based with hemp particles, in natural hemp color.

No special hardware or nozzles are required for this hemp-based composite. Developed for every printer. For best results it is recommended to use at least a 0.5 millimeters nozzle, but you can print also with 0.4mm nozzles. 


  • Easy to print
  • Rough textured surface 
  • Hemp natural fibers (particles)
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Excellent layers adhesion
  • Improved mechanical properties than PLA
  • No heated bed required 
  • Usable on most PLA-compatible printers
  • No chemical additives
  • Hemp plants IGP Puglia, Italy

Tech specifications

Nominal diameter 1.75 mm
Warp very low
Flexibility low
Break resistance medium
Printing temperature 165-185 °C
Temperature resistance n.a.


It prints like PLA on non-heated beds with blue tape. If heated bed is available, set it at about 40-70 °C. It's better not to leave idle the filament (as in not extruding or printing) in a heated printer nozzle. It may cause blockage. After the printing is complete, remove the filament from the nozzle promptly.

Architecture, fashion accessories, design objects, toys. 

Due to all the different types of hot-end it's extremely difficult to give a temperature advice. Please consider these tips, provided by the manufacturer, as a starting point to find the temperatures that work well in your setup. You may have to adjust the temperature settings slightly based on your type of printer.