3 mm ABS filament, Clear/Transparent


Clear ABS, like usual ABS, but transparent. No yellow discoloration like PLA, bendable and resistant. Due to its high temperature resistance, ABS is suitable for applications where PLA already gets soft.

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Clear transparent filament out of ABS.


  • Clear ABS like usual ABS, but clear
  • No yellow discoloration like PLA
  • Bendable and resistant
  • Hard material

Tech specifications

Nominal diameter 3 mm
Warp mid-high
Flexibility low
Break resistance high
Printing temperature ~ 250 °C
Temperature resistance up to ~ 105 °C


Heated bed required with a temperature of about 80-110 °C.
ABS is resistant to oil and grease, alkalis and fuel.
ABS dissolves in acetone but not in Limonen.

If foam comes out of the nozzle, the material has to be dried at ~ 75 °C for two hours.

Due to all the different types of hot-end it's extremely difficult to give a temperature advice. Please consider our tips as a starting point to find the temperatures that work well in your setup. You may have to adjust the temperature settings slightly based on your type of printer.